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BTS of the first promotional shoot for our production of Hamlet: HAMLET

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Last November our newly cast ‘Hamlet’* had the pressure of starring in the first promotional shoot for M&J’s production of Hamlet. But how did he get on?

All the photographs were shot in Delphine De Syon’s personal studio space in London, neither she nor ‘Hamlet’ had ever taken part in a shoot such as this, so both were brimming with excitement.

In our version of Hamlet, the death of a character is unlike anything previously seen in Shakespeare productions (we won’t give away spoilers); so we really wanted to capture the essence of this with dramatic physical expression.

In the play Hamlet is dealing with intense mental health issues, we wanted to respectfully demonstrate how suffering from depression can sometimes feel as if 'a mist were descending' by physicalising this emotion with the flour.

‘Hamlet’ had a real challenge on his hands but took it in his stride. For hours he expressed dramatic variations of emotion and vulnerability, following Delphine’s every creative whim.

We can’t wait for you to see some more of these contemporary and artistic images, so make sure to pop by to the free exhibition* before the productions take place, or if you buy a ticket, have private access to view at your pleasure.

Take a look at some previews below.

*Cast to be announced soon. We like surprises, don’t you?

** Free tickets available June 2020

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